Deha Carpet - Useful Information

Carpet cleaning that should not be whipped, beaten cleaned daily with a vacuum cleaner should not be possible.


With any item on top of the carpet surface temperature 70oC (water, tea, iron, etc.) Avoid contact.


Carpet washing up, wipe with a carpet shampoo should be dried in a short time outdoors.


Drying should be done under the hot sun, be exposed to prolonged sunlight.


Carpet cleaning detergent, bleach, chemicals such as vinegar should be used.


Hard objects and goods put on the carpet should be left in the same place for a long time.


Carpeted floors manner not in use cases should be kept in a place with no moisture in rolls.


Carpet transported folded up, transported in rolls, dust, must be protected from rain and external factors.


Carpet beneath the weight, when asked to pull off, removed the overlook and back mesh should be careful not to tear.

During transport should refrain from damaging the carpet of hard and sharp objects.